The Octogenarians

The Octogenarians began with an implicit assertion that ideas and issues that are disremembered and only foggily available may be so because of a wish among an elite to make these issues unavailable for examination and evaluation.This is of particular importance to subsequent generations.The role of first Model City occupied by New Haven in the 60s is not listed among New Haven’s “Firsts” indeed not listed at all.A.K. Rice’s 60s analysis and recommendations to Redlich, then Dean of Yale Medical School, regarding the Medical School’s obligation to the community with its implications for the University is “missing”and not remembered.Yale’s involvement with New Haven has doubtless gone far beyond those early recommendations but the dialogue has been delayed and possibly altered by those whose commitment was to the past rather than to an evolving future.
There has been a resurgence of a geographic emphasis worldwide with the intention of making life…

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