A Biden candidacy and a Gore resurrection would demonstrate that groups in communication with each other(conflict is communication)start to resemble each other.More abstractly than party candidacy proliferation but more important is the danger of Liberal capitalist democracy starting to resemble Ideological Totalitarianism!

The Octogenarians

Herb Wolfson(pitcherinthe wry.blogspot.com)reminds us that Saudi Arabia is the source of the Islamic sect that spawned Isis.(Washaabi) as well as the source of Bin Laden and most of the hijackers of 9/11/ notoriety while Iran is the dedicated historical enemy of Isis and Suuni radicalism in general.Iran is also our enemy for the last 50+ years.The international scene is a gigantic chessboard where three dimensional chess is being played.The enemy of my enemy is my friend for a particular issue and leadership has to be nimble and smart.(We cannot support Assad under any circumstances nor can we declare war on him since we would be helping Shiite radicalism).The reversal of our Cuban policy is a sign that the Obama administration is trying to learn the new game.Tea party conservatism is demanding a return to the policies and practices of yesterday i.e.shunning Cuba and deep sixing the Iran nuclear detente.Emerson onceā€¦

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