The Octogenarians

JLL considers Donald Trump to be a 21st century Tom Thumb.I’m not sure why.He certainly violates JLL’s principle of not hurting with words.There is something pre-adolescent in the nature of the name calling he engages in.Nevertheless his surly, childish onslaughts have catapulted him to the front of a Republican pack of 16.There is something that resonates with a tea party base and that is in part defiance and rudeness.Let’s face it, this ugliness is part of all of us. More condemnable than the Donald are the sanctimonious folks who use weasel words and hypocrisy to hide selfishness,bigotry and greed.However,spontaneous bad judgment is unelectable and so “the Grand Old Party” will have to force the game to No Trump bidding,using expendables like Romney and Perry to do the dirty work. Maybe Trump is a synthesis of Tom Thumb.Penrod,Caliban and all of the guys in Lord of the flies.

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