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On Fri, Oct 2, 2020, 10:00 AM Prof Claudewell Thomas <cysid32> wrote:

Title The virus has a vote

In the wake of a disruptive and almost incoherent display of contempt for all Americans and pursuant to the discovery of the Covid-19 infection of Hope Hicks a longtime MOM ( a ka POTUS) intimate and supporter,POTUS &FLOTUS have tested positive for SARS/COV 2 and have gone into 14 day quarantine at the White House.50 yr old Melania is asymptomatic but 74 yr old Trump has symptoms.It is ironic that the disregard for masking and social distancing with reliance on testing has led to this.
MOM is the nominal leader of the free world and in the best of times responsible for pointing the way toward world peace and world salutary measures.but this POTUS has undermined WHO,NATO the Paris agreement etc.A U.S. which just yesterday feared MOM’s turning over vital information re…

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This is Olivia not Helen (of) Troy and Staying the Course of the Trojan Horse is not Happening

Racism,misogyny,white privilege and supremacy,backed by guns,militias and policing abuse accompany redefining history.A package that must be deterred.

The Octogenarians

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