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Thanks for pointing out the Republican onslaught against higher education via their new tax on university endowments under the cover of tax “reform”. In terms of the $1.4 trillion increase in our ten-year deficit the endowment tax is small change—pennies. But that’s not its purpose. Rather the endowment tax is designed to tax higher education in general, reducing the flow of new knowledge from university to public, while simultaneously punishing the purveyors of this new knowledge—the “elite” universities and their liberal faculties. Some facts: $35 million paid by Yale means that $35 million in student aid won’t happen, or concretely, 3500 students won’t receive $15,000 in scholarship money this year. For most there’s no way to replace it; most are already deeply in debt. Many will simply drop out. Conversely, were the $35 million to come from…

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The Purpose of Government

The Octogenarians

The dialogue between conservatism and liberalism obviously must involve considering the purpose of government and the levels of governance.There appears to be only limited clarification since ancient Greece,Rome,China etc.Two things that seems common to despotic regimes that embrace oligarchy,kleptocracy,nepotism and exploitation are the systemic elimination of access to truth and the top down control of arms.Thus the second amendment although only intended for militia enablement in a time of muskets,has symbolic appeal.More closely examined,even in its mistaken context,it can be seen as manipulatable so as to produce an armed presence that can be organized to support those in power if and when their use of military and police power is unacceptable.The testosterone fueled fantasies about aryan selective savagery is race and gender based and the source of huge profit.Thus the diversionary nonsense that the NRA produces has thus far,with the aid of A and A+ congressional rating continually blocked sensible…

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Binary Thinking and MOM as POTUS

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The Trumpeter has two major personal flaws( outside of broadcasting sexual practices).The first is habitual binary thought( go/no go) and the second is habitual lying.Applying these to the latest school mass shooting we watch him first embrace gun control including weapon seizure without judicial approval( a clear 2nd amendment violation)and then backtracking to almost total support of NRA posture.The tariff pronouncement is a good example of the inadequacy of binary thought.Aside from pulling percentages from thin air for steel and aluminum import taxation,it never occurred to MOM that you cannot go after a nation in an economic trading bloc individually,you must take on the bloc.e.g.the European union and/ or the Trans Pacific Union should you go after Sweden in the first instance,or
China in the second.This action ensures a trade war which an individual nation must surely lose.None of this is particularly hard to understand but MOM as POTUS swaggers…

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Speculative Psychodynamics of Unraveling High Office

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A pretty,loyal 29 year old drawn to father figures perceived to be in unhappy marriages and made available by the ultimate such father figure acting as procurer, is berated and shamed into resignation.The MOM (POTUS) seeks credibility,momentarily abandoning the NRA,his “kids”,Gen. McMasters,Gen.Kelly,the second amendment and due process.With germophobia increasing and reverting to campaign mode,including appointment of a campaign head for 2020. “little room to maneuver except into psychosis”…the ominous DSM description of borderline personality,echoed by Flight Surgeons manual.Ominously contradictory statements fly from( MOM),”kids need to go home for their own protection”,”I can’t function without the family”.The Mueller noose is tightening and soon his Mano a Mano machismo will replace defective reality and precipitate the constitutional crisis of serial Justice Dept.firings in order to stop Prosecutor Mueller.
We have a sour Bacchanalian kleptocracy using women( some willing to be used) as currency.This being a hallmark of the great leader MOM and…

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The Purpose of Government — The Octogenarians

The dialogue between conservatism and liberalism obviously must involve considering the purpose of government and the levels of governance.There appears to be only limited clarification since ancient Greece,Rome,China etc.Two things that seems common to despotic regimes that embrace oligarchy,kleptocracy,nepotism and exploitation are the systemic elimination of access to truth and the top down control of […]

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Following the Money…continued — The Octogenarians

The horror of Parkland FL. continues with the beginning of burials.Gun control as the central issue continues to be evaded by the Merchant of Malice and most of the GOP.Dr.AG reminds us that the mentally ill are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of violence.Yet rage and mood dysphoria are certainly components […]

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17 More. Will It Ever End ? — The Octogenarians

17 are dead… 6 are wounded… An AR15 simulacrum,mega magazines,a disgruntled,mood dysphoric 19 year old and the nonsense begins again.”it’s mental illness”,”it’s happenstance”,”guidance counsellors are available…” And the beat goes on.The issue is complex but gun control is key.The Repugs have A+ NRA ratings so what’s a few kids’ lives? ” You will never be […]

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“I’d like a shutdown”…” lazy or stupid”…”I’d love to talk to Mueller” and other pronouncements from THE MERCHANT OF MALICE.

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The great Republican exposé supposedly indicating the lack of trustworthiness of the FBI is now officially fizzle as the report shows that Carter Page ( regarded by the Russians as an idiot) was under scrutiny long before the advent of the Christopher Steele dossier.The Republican jeopardizing of classifiable FBI information and the Trumpian overruling of FBI and intelligence community objections,with refusal to make public Democratic committee findings until now is more grist for the anti rule of law mill.The Merchant of Malice(MOM )still has 5 days to rule on declassifying the Democratic subcommittee report
Meanwhile the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels and the revelations about that, despite obfuscation,support Alfred Adler’s ” fingerprints on the glass” dictum making much more likely the verisimilitude of the salacious “Golden Shower” portion of the “Dossier”.
The attempts to fire the Special Counsel will intensify and the promulgation of the Imperial Presidency against the rule…

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The Retrospectoscope and Black History Month

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The short range scope shudders as it views the MLK assassination,the RFK assassination,the JFK assassination,the Watergate scandal,the folly of regime change assuring the importance of nuclear club membership as the only protection against it.We now face the Trumpian,repug( thanks Herb)attempt to halt the demographically decreed BROWNING of America.
In light of the current worsening crisis,I am sickened by the reports of Sex Workers like Stormy Daniels of adequate missionary position age appropriate unprotected sex by the Merchant of Malice while his wife was nursing his last child.I am sickened by documentation of accounts opened within seconds of closing of another account,the purpose of both being the reimbursement of sex workers.I am sickened by the assaults on DACA,FISA,the Press and the loss of standing of the U.S in the thermos of world respect and standing.

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A Tale of Two Books

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Two books have been published in the last two weeks.One,the tabloid style Fire and Fury ,is a lurid revelation of Trumps personality gathered by a blue pass possessing tabloid journalist Michael Wolff that contains interesting anti Trump dynasty revelations by his former chief strategist,Steve Bannon.There is nothing new here for those with eyes to see and ears to hear about the Merchant of Malice and his collusive ascent to power.The better book which explains not only the Trump phenomenon but also the hypocrisy and sycophantism of the GOP establishment as well as the weakness of the Democratic party,is Democracy in Chains by Nancy Maclean a respected Professor of Public Policy at Duke Universityy.She identifies the master plan formulated by a UVa.Nobel prize economist James Buchanan with authorization and support by Colgate Darden, President of UVa.The latter alarmed by the Supreme Court Brown anti segregation decision asked that economic theorems be…

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