Astute observation.

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From Pitcher in the wry.Questionable Motives?
Senate Democrats who are excited at the possibility that their Republican colleagues who are supboenaing Donald Trump Jr to appear before the Intelligence Committee are growing a backbone may be,in the end rudely disappointed.This may turn out to be an opportunity for Donald Jr to,by recanting,to the committee his previous testimony relative to the the Trump Tower Moscow project save himself from perjury charges.should the Republicans lose control of the Senate in the,2020 election..


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The Crisis Worsens

The Octogenarians

MOM aka Potus has ordered his subordinates not to respond to congress,or the media in short he has transformed “We the People ” into “He the People” or “Him”some may prefer “The Thing”.
His flunkey Barr insulted the Congress and the American people by his insulting press conference and his craven refusal to truthfully disclose the nature of the Mueller protest and ultimately his refusal to appear before the House Judicial committee when he discovered that some of the questioning would come from lawyers utilized by congress.MO M has his ROY COHN. MOM has also been pressing the Federal Reserve Board to lower interest rates solely so that the end of the bull cycle can be protracted until after the 2020 election.
As long as Americans pay more attention to motor cars that they can no longer afford, and are satisfied with lack of health care protection.or settle for cheap…

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Sleight of hand & muddled thinking&the constitutional crisis.

The Octogenarians

There are those who are still waiting for MOM(aka POTUS) to deliver on promises made.They will be waiting a long time.North Korea has become more threatening and has increased its emphasis on mid range missles .Kim Jong Un is now refusing to deal with the U.S. secretary pf state while affirming his love of Trump.Russia is now in the coveted position that Trump and Pompeo sought in the far east muddle.

MOM in the meantime is refusing to cooperate with the House of Representatives and is ordering his subordinates to defy house summonses,requests,subpoenas etc We are thus in a constitutional crisis deliberately brought on by MOM,who is clearly buying time until the 2020 election and counting on his appointees to the Supreme court to cover him.If the appointees have any concern for their place in history, he may be barking up the wrong tree.

MOM is continuing the use of…

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Katie bar the door! (15th century england) Sarah”barr” the door (21ST CENTURY u.s.a)

The Octogenarians

Sarah Douglas was a lady in waiting in the court of Queen Anne in the mid fourteen hundreds and apocryphally is credited with sacrificing her right arm blocking hostile access to James the First of Scotland.Thus saving his life.Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the press secretary for MOM also known as POTUS.and this Barr is the attorney general of he U.S.The disgraceful press conference today, of this lackey was followed by the release of the redacted Mueller report which was thoroughly condemnatory of the Trump administration.A quote from Mueller of the response of our President “this is the end of my Presidency…I’m F…..D” says it all. The man who loved Wickey Leaks in 2016 only to be totally unaware of it now is telling the naive that he has a wonderful health care plan for America but it wont be available until after the 2020 election.Liar, Liar pants on fire! Sarah…

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Going Hollywood.

The Octogenarians

I have been accused of “going Hollywood” in some of my pronouncements,however the theatrics of the Republican party in defense of MOM and his appointees. is worthy of  bad actor awards.There have been declarations of all that MOM has accomplished in such a short time..The diminution of the world status that the U.S.A.once had is all that I can see.

I have watched Fox News and the discouragement of all but the most rabid POTUS supporters(e.g.Bartiromo),other channels like NBC,CBS,Channels 7,5,9,,MSNBC,CNN read excerpts from LA Times ,N.Y. Times,Washington Post Wall Street Journal,Daily News,USA,N.Y.Post etc..Only the N.Y. Post and Fox news seem relatively immune to crticizing both the domestic and foreign policies or lack thereof, of the Trump administration..The comment of a former federal prosecutor on MSNBC was particularly impressive.I believe his name was Cilo..His charateization of the Mueller report was one of stopping short of convicting the “Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot…

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“No Incontrovertible Evidence”but the fabric of the noose is in the controvertible evidence and the leads that others are to follow.

The Octogenarians

Yes the full content of the report should be made public but probably won’t be.There is enough for “Jarvaka”,Donald and Eric to be quite fearful of .In the meantime MOM aka POTUS has upended 50 years of middle eastern diplomacy by his recognition of Israel’s “rightful” ownership of the Golan Heights,75 years of Far Eastern diplomacy by lifting the more crippling of the sanctions on North Korea( most likely to lighten China’s role in controlling N.Korea as they are most affected,threatening the auto industry with tariffs on imports and exports not only on finished products but also the material out of which cars are made.American troops continue to die in strange places where undeclared wars are going on,while underpaid,undermined and disrespected. Hail Caesar…We who are about to dies salute you!! If impeachment will divide the country(handing revitalization to the GOP through a tainted Pence,and emoluments clause removal will do the…

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The Peril of Strict Constructionism to Democracy: Dinosaurs in the Mesolithic

The Octogenarians

The TV news most channels were agog with the news that Clarence Thomas opened his paleolithic mouth and asked a question.Apparently this last occurred 3 years ago.The case was the appeal of a condemned black man from whose juries in the lower courts black jurors were systematically and in some cases entirely eliminated.In the constructionist tradition of his role model,the late Justice Scalia ,Thomas asked the defense if white jurors had ever been excluded.Scalia had opined that even if a wrongly convicted person were to be executed that would be preferable to jamming the smooth operation of the judicial system of the lower courts.It is more than likely that Thomas intends to apply that logic to the appeal case before the Supreme Court where his fellow Justices appear to be leaning in the direction of concern about juror selection discrimination.MOM’s confrontation with the Rule of Law will not be challenged…

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Progression of the Decline

The Octogenarians

The U.S.A.has fallen to 19th on the world list of healthy countries and to number 3 on  the list of successful economies.(roughly measured by the ration of GDP vs. national debt.) (roughly measured by gross mortality statistics,average mortality,infant and maternal morality and various cause morbidity stats) The circus of ” no collusion” pronouncements continues while the business of state is redefined by deep state paranoia and the continuing greedy self interest of incompetents and amateurs.The distraction of 2020 electioneering grows while national heroes and long term allies are abused.

We are dismayed but not shocked at the revelations of admissions to elite and average schools being compromised by graft and falsification,but why should we be? This has gone on since the beginning of time and has simply increased in scale with the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.We all know that access is more important than ability and…

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Racist,Liar,Cheat:Michael Cohen Implies RICO with House Testimony

The Octogenarians

The protestations of this blog are being justified by current events.The failure of the North Korean “summit”, the circling of the wagons behind a failed cult leader by most republicans, the escalating national violence mostly gun violence,the turning against visible minorities,the rise of antisemitism,the increasing volatility of the markets and a national sense of insecurity as trade wars escalate,foreign policy is blurred and threats to world peace proliferate.Denial of global warming as a real phenomenoncontinues with consequences, while abuse of immigrants and their children seem to be beyond redemption.The primary isssue behind the Sturm und Drang of the headlines is the sovereignty of the Rule of Law and its foundational necessity to our Liberal Democracy.

Cohen was a liar and a greedy SOB, but is more than likely angered enough by MOM’s threats and denials to be telling the truth now and seeking reentry into the society of humans.This,undoubtedly bolstered…

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Stone,Wikileaks and the Risk of War (where?…anywhere )!

The Octogenarians

The troops that are withdrawn from Syria and Afghanistan become available for redeployment.How about Venezuela ? This dialogue may well be going on or may have gone on in the days prior to Roger Stone”s arrest.As the iron maiden of inquiry closes in on Trump(AKA POTUS.non affectionately MOM)).Collusion is now certain(not a crime) but successful collusion and lying to congress and the FBI are probably prosecutable. So in true Don CorLeone style distraction is called for and there can be no better one that war, calling upon the last shelter of a tyrant.The promise of a pardon may not be enough to shield Manafort and Stone so MOM must ramp up the game.

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