Promises and Lies

The Octogenarians

MOM promised to gut the ACA(Obamacare).Thus far most enrollees are doing well and enrollments are up.The exceptions according to the LA Times are households earning more than 400% of the Federal GOP adjusted poverty line.(about $48,560 for an individual and $100,400 for a family of four.Shortening open enrollment periods,pushing cheap inadequate health insurance plans condemn ed by the AMA,the ANA,The APHA etc because of the elimination of eligibility for preexisting conditions, the redefining of preexisting conditions so that being treated for an illness makes that condition preexisting for the next episode and on and on.
The Governor of South Carolina eliminated a 21 million $ healthcare package lest any money go to groups promoting abortion.
Health and Human Services Secretary Azar is not familiar with MOM’s “Blueprint” for lowering prescription prices.No surprise inasmuch as negotiating drug prices is permitted only to small regional Medicare outfits.Clearly were Medicare and Medicaid permitted…

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Authoritarian Use of the Military; MOM’s(akaPOTUS’) Praetorian Guard

The Octogenarians

The LA Times reports that members of the Mexican Army imprisoned by Mexico for abuse of citizens while policing have filed suit protesting that they were asked to do something for which they had no training.They will probably not succeed in their appeal since some of the crimes involve homicide.But policing is a special function requiring special training which the military is not equipped to do.Moving in the opposite direction,in the USA the National Guard has been mobilized by MOM to guard the border and to help round up migrants.Many Guard units have been withdrawn by indignant governors.Not sufficiently mollified by an agreed upon parade in his honor, MOM has ordered indicted and unindicted migrants with or without their children and a lot of children without parents onto military bases for warehousing.He has also ordered JAG lawyers to aid DOJ attorneys in indicting and processing pleas for those aliens.Are there…

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The Destabilzation (MOMification) of America ,A Continuing Story

The Octogenarians

A thoroughly politicized SCOTUS delivered immigration practice into the hands of MOM aka POTUS.It was the reward for a M’Connell sponsored Republican denial of Obama’s appointment right and the latest dividend on the Gosuch appointment,reserved for the possibility of a Republican 2016 victory.(accomplished through Hillary Clinton intransgence,FBI(Comey)interference and Russian manipulation.
I believe that rather than moving the doomsday clock back MOM has moved it up.The matter of verification has not been addressed and Kim Jong Un will never permit the humiliating inspections that the likes of Colson will(not unreasonably) demand The meeting with Putin (MOM solicited) will reveal what else Trump has to give away in his rush to claim greatness and to blackmail justice.( Not his DOJ and not the crippled SCOTUS).
I watched MOM hypocritically embrace Old Glory declaring his love and found myself relieved that the flag was plastic encased and that there was no exudate of…

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A Letter to My Clergy:RMV Psychiatrist not an Alienist

The Octogenarians

Most Psychiatrists are humanists as the following illustrates;

Dear Clergy of XXXX

Many Christians,I amongst them,stand aghast at the kidnapping of children,especially small children,tearing them from mothers’arms to suit some political end.It is illegal,immoral,cruel and blasphemy…”suffer the little children to come unto me”.The profound psychological damage done to these now thousands of innocent children is brain-disruptive,irreparable, and long lasting ;to be reflected in lives torn by horrific nightmares,withdrawal,distrust of others,and often a propensity to rebellion,violence and self-mutilation.For sure,not everyone will succumb to the worst of PTSD symptoms, but for those already at risk,already burdened by gangland trauma in their home country,along with the suffering entailed in fleeing, incarceration and abandonment become the last straw.As the weeks draw on to months, what is to become of them ? How many thousands more will be crowded into warehouses and tents, to be locked up 22 hours a day ? Will they turn…

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“Suffer Little Children”…(to come unto me)…

The Octogenarians

Alleged to Jesus Christ in his new testament allusions to chidren and in the non canonical writings of Thomas according to Wikipedia.He did not say little Children Suffer! But who the hell is Jesus A ND WHAT HAS HE GOT TO DO WITH SESSIONS’ AND TRUMP’S zero tolerance? Secure our borders and make sure that our destruction comes from within!

The disgraceful  situation putting us on par with Nazi Germany and bringing back INDIAN schools and Japanese internment,  never mind slave family  separation,indicates that worldwide relocation is a problem that cannot be handled sensibly by single countries even if not as cruel as we are proving ourselves to be.From climate change to denuclearization through immigration reform globalization is called for.

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Desecrating the Flag

The Octogenarians

The Merchant of Malice aka POTUS,” fresh from part one of ‘alienate your friends and allies and embrace and praise your enemies’ (insulting Canada,France ,Germany The United Kingdom,Italy and Japan), raced to part two last night embracing Kim Jung Un and hanging Old Glory side by side and on a level with the North Korean flag.This insult is real; the persecution of athletes for kneeling or staying in the runway to ballparks is ridiculous and hypocritical with this in perspective.North Korea is a tyrannical dictatorship holding approximately 120,000 people prisoner in a series of at least four linked .gulags.Kim Jung Un has murdered one uncle,one brother and many unknown others.

I predicted that MOM would give up a great deal in exchange for this distractor and he has.He has agreed to the cancellation of all joint military exercises with South Korea a few weeks short of this years’ anticipated joint…

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Another Inflexion* Point for America.(Inflection)

The Octogenarians

The Merchant of Malice (MOM) aka POTUS is exposing all of the flaws of our constitutional demmocracy.Flaws created by the impossibility of omniscience on the part of the Founders, and the time and place bound (zeit und ort gebunden) nature of their judgments and pronouncements.Having just seen “Hamilton” I now fully realize that there were no political parties in their day and they wee gun shy of a parliamentary democracy which encouraged coalitions across class and economic boundaries because of its association with the power of a house of Lords and its support of monarchy.The interpretation of the constitution as a nonliving document supports and enhances this weakness.The respect for norms around constitutional weakness has saved us from disaster even in the presence of moderate Presidential moral turpitude.This administration displays an ignorance and arrogance that allows the challenging and/or disregard for norms that can destroy the “Dream”.the desire to turn…

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The paradox of “Knowing”

The Octogenarians

The Merchant of Malice aka POTUS is dodging and weaving and raising a fuss about all kinds of peripheral issues as distractors from the central issue of obstruction of justice.He equates issues of free speech and freedom of assembly with anti-Americanism when convenient and blatantly ignores them when fascistic behavior on the part of his base is involved.This behavior is made more acceptable when wrapped in the the cloth of a spurious patriotism.His shenanigans include the assertion of false facts whenever convenient .The ability to weigh the likelihood of veracity and to see it as a matter of probability tied to linked events is presented as as a quality and predilection of elites and not knowing with “certainty”transforms into indifference.Such issues as tying the ability to pardon as a political mallet excusing crime,sedition and placing the President above the law are part of the defamatory reduction of the American dream…

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The Octogenarians

In the eight days or so since we posted last,waiting to see how the ship of state would fare in light of MOM’s increasing desperation,we have seen gunfire erupt around the nation at a Trump facility in Florida,a high school in Texas,a suburb near Baltimore,an area in Atlanta,a shooting in Boston etc. etc.We have seen Ollie North elevated to the presidency of the NRA amid increasing evidence that the 10 to 17 million dollar elevation of money contributed to the Trump campaign contrasted to the money contributed to the past Republican campaigns may have come from Russian sources.Gun control legislation is still bitterly opposed by most of the A rated (NRA) in the two parties.Children”s deaths apparently don’t matter.

Trump’s attempts to turn violations of law and abuse of office into party issues seem to be gaining valence as the faithful either because they prefer to hate rather than think…

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The Chamber Pot Bubbles Over

The Octogenarians

My prediction that the next several months would be critical in terms of the damage that MOM would inflict on the country and the world was way off.That same day with porcine swagger MOM(POTUS) pulled us out of the Iran accord.Only Netanyahu( under indictment by Israeli law) was overjoyed,Russia,China and Turkey already have envoys en route to Teheran to profit from this egregious,arrogant,blunder.It will take a little time for the U.S. to put together a functioning sanctions office and team but once functioning the sanctions will hurt our allies who remain in the pact and who continue to honor their word as much as Iran will.Should Iran pull out of the pact,it can immediately send home the nuclear inspectors and resume purification of uranium and employment of Plutonium in pursuit of the BOMB.Action only stoppable by WAR !
I believe that the precipitous action was not only in fulfillment of…

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