The American dream is unrealizable without access.Access to education,access to equal protection under the law,access to appropriately prompt medical care at the various stages of the life cycle.It includes access to personal freedom up to the point where there is impingement on the rights of another.It is not a state sponsored dream to be deemed available in one state and unavailable in another.Therefore its pursuit must be guaranteed by a central government.We continue to fight both the revolutionary war and the civil war in our courts, on our streets and in our classrooms.American exceptionalism exists because of our diversity and our great good fortune in getting away with huge discards of our progress because of the talent of those who caught hold. Good fortune must be replaced by intelligent planning which brings us up to par with the ever present moral imperatives of our time.
Access can only be assured via the ballot.Efforts to deny the ballot or to restrict the ballot (past present or future efforts) are and always will be in denial of America’s best future.It behooves us to take a long look at who is doing the restricting;the “why” will be obvious.

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