We are running out of time.

The Octogenarians

The USA and the world were treated to a three ring circus last night that was supposed to be a State of the Union address.Like the lurching ship of state under Trump leadership,it was a tactical display totally lacking in strategy. It included such foolishness as an allegedly surprised Rush Limbaugh dressed to the nines and accidentally sitting next to Melania Trump to receive the highest civilian honor,the medal of freedom. It also included bringing home servicemen for reunion with families and statements about America first and protection of 2nd amendment rights while promising outstanding health insurance with protection of preexisting conditions. All this while Congressional efforts to destroy the affordable Care act and to seriously restrict Medicare are being promoted by MOM aka POTUS Impeachment wasn’t mentioned but today’s MOM tweets may tell a different tale.The Senate will have acquitted Tyrant( osaurus) Trump by tonight.So the greedy pursuing of…

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