The Octogenarians

MOM aka POTUS is a dangerous person.The body of competent academic psychiatrists including Yale, Hopkins,Columbia,etc, have indicated overwhelming evidence of narcissistic personality disorder.Indeed the rubric of ” little room to maneuver except into psychosis’ applies. He senses people who he cannot control and who act from a framework of inner decency and tries to destroy them.Thus hatred for McCain, Obama and now Romney.This hatred carries real danger to families as well.Those who might restrain him are fired or cowering in fear.The selection of the imagery of shooting someone in Times square and getting away with it is not accidental. Nor is the imagery of grabbing women by their privates and getting away with it.

The stage is already set for disbelief among his followers of the results of polls and voting.Cohen is right,he will not simply step aside if voted out.The militias are out there and this man who would…

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