The Octogenarians

The U.S.A.has fallen to 19th on the world list of healthy countries and to number 3 on  the list of successful economies.(roughly measured by the ration of GDP vs. national debt.) (roughly measured by gross mortality statistics,average mortality,infant and maternal morality and various cause morbidity stats) The circus of ” no collusion” pronouncements continues while the business of state is redefined by deep state paranoia and the continuing greedy self interest of incompetents and amateurs.The distraction of 2020 electioneering grows while national heroes and long term allies are abused.

We are dismayed but not shocked at the revelations of admissions to elite and average schools being compromised by graft and falsification,but why should we be? This has gone on since the beginning of time and has simply increased in scale with the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.We all know that access is more important than ability and…

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