The Octogenarians

The protestations of this blog are being justified by current events.The failure of the North Korean “summit”, the circling of the wagons behind a failed cult leader by most republicans, the escalating national violence mostly gun violence,the turning against visible minorities,the rise of antisemitism,the increasing volatility of the markets and a national sense of insecurity as trade wars escalate,foreign policy is blurred and threats to world peace proliferate.Denial of global warming as a real phenomenoncontinues with consequences, while abuse of immigrants and their children seem to be beyond redemption.The primary isssue behind the Sturm und Drang of the headlines is the sovereignty of the Rule of Law and its foundational necessity to our Liberal Democracy.

Cohen was a liar and a greedy SOB, but is more than likely angered enough by MOM’s threats and denials to be telling the truth now and seeking reentry into the society of humans.This,undoubtedly bolstered…

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