“Disrespect”is now an excuse for fighting and killing even if it is only. verbal or gestural. Trumpeter stop Trumpeting!

The Octogenarians

Members of Potus’ inner circle and at least one member of his expanding legal team are now calling him a ” unitary executive”.About fifty years ago a woman psychiatrist,(for some reason I don’t want to use female here)I believe her name was Beulah Parker,wrote a book called ‘my language is me.’It explored the language of schizophrenics,neologisms,clang association etc.and sought dynamic explanations that linked to a meaningful historical developmental self.The treatment of schizophrenia is no longer significantly psychoanalytic but the psycholinguistic view of speech as doing more than communicating persists.With this introduction,let’s look at the words “unitary executive”.Unitary is a seldom used word more at home in the 18th and 19th century than today.It is a cross between single(unique)and singular( remarkable),executive simply means mover,shaker and boss.The argument is that this nonpareil( it means unrivaled,unmatchable one) cannot be prosecuted for a crime,( murder too !?)can fire anyone,can pardon anyone( not only those…

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