The Octogenarians

Yesterday morning I could have been shot.I wasn’t,but the anamnesis of the event is enlightening.That morning there had been a knock knock burglary in Westchester in the course, of which an 84 yr old was robbed and beaten.A blue van was involved,two or more perpetrators including two males and at least one female were identified as perpetrators who did get away.It was an early a.m crime.Fast forward to 11.a.m.with me sitting at the kitchen table with two hispanic plumbers who came two hours earlier in a red white and blue van.My problem was a rupture in a pipe without warning.As we were discussing,cost,risk and insurance,we heard the sound of a police helicopter flying low above the canyon.I remarked that there must have been some kind of happening on our part of the peninsula sufficient to draw attention.When I opened the garage door to let out the workmen we found at…

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