The Octogenarians

RMV writes:

Chaos in the White House? The news seems to read that way,but don’t be fooled.Multiple agendas ? Key players at cross purposes? Absolutely,but nothing is happening by chance.Rather,each of the individual sorties deriving from the various power groups is carefully planned and meticulously aimed at controlling ever larger swaths of the people’s money or the people themselves.Let’s take one example,immigration.A shibboleth for ” Let’s make America white again”.As explained by Trump,the purpose of immigration reform is to rid us of “all those bad dudes,the murderers,rapists and drug dealers who swarmed across the border.Hey nobody can complain about least of all hard working immigrants who’d be the first victims of criminal elements in their midst.(Of course,the facts are that undocumented immigrants have lower crime rates than comparable native populations.)but the criminals are not who are targeted.The proposed and implemented immigration policy targets all undocumented ” illegals” reputedly some six…

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