The Octogenarians

RMV writes:
Any hope that Republican tilting of the domestic game board and trashing of decades of foreign policy direction might be slowed by loyalty of members of the federal bureaucracy to the laws and principles of the U.S was shattered in the dark of the Congressional night.The Republicans(who do their best work under cover of darkness)restored a provision,originally created in 1876,that allows Congress to fire employees in the federal bureaucracy by eliminating positions and cutting salaries of individual workers to a negligible amount.This obscure authority,known as the Holman Rule,”is certain to frighten career civil servants who have worked on politically fraught issues like climate change”(the Editorial Board,The New York Times.17 January 2017).Republicans have already tried to get lists of agency employees involved with climate change with just that intent;only to be thwarted by President Obama.That protection ended on Jan.20th and very possibly the accomplishments of a generation! It is…

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