The Octogenarians

William Grier the coauthor of Black Rage (with Pierce Cobbs) died this week at the age of 89.Ed Doctorow(an old classmate )from Bx. Science High) died several weeks ago and this blog recounted the death of Dan Sugarman another Bx.Science classmate,both were 84. There is nothing profound here.We have to accept that most octogenarians will not become nonagenarians and most nonagenarians will not become centagenarians.We think analogically and metaphorically and see only so far as this can carry us.We need help from the digital thinkers of this time in peering into the future.
Black Rage is anecdotal and ingeniously constructed and caught fire with the avant-garde of the 1960s. It gave an explanation for deviant black behavior ranging from urban gangs through the rise of groups like the Black Panthers.It included drug addiction and crime.Rage was the outcome of slavery,segregation and discrimination and its expression universally expectable.Of course it inadvertently…

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