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The Octogenarians

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Title:Associations of old ageLet’s: hear it for the HmongThe weight of the world descends on us and we seek refuge in recreational diversion,at least as much as old age permits.The Tokyo Olympics offers some respite although it has been severely affected by the covid 19 pandemic.I had occasion to watch the continued dominance of the all around womens gymnastics by the USA as Sumi Lee captured the event Let’s hear it for the Hmong!! Wait a minute ( Chotto Matte Kudasai},weren’t the Hmong the native people and fierce fighters who supported us during the Vietnamese war and whom we abandoned to the murderous cruelty of the Viet Cong when we bailed out of the Vienamese war? OR yet again as we watched the U.S women’s volleyball team take on Turkey and almost blow a 2 game lead to a…

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