The Octogenarians

The gang who couldn”t shoot straight took dead aim at the coronavirus pandemic and tried to reverse course on the pathway of stupidity and lies that characterized their public health behavior over the last three years and in particular the last six months.They fired with son in law Kushner priming the musket and MOM aka POTUS pulling the trigger.Moscow Mitch shut down the senate on a crucial weekend thereby applying his Kentucky windage in the galestorm of the pandemic.They were months behind the coronavirus but did sink the Dow Jones Index and unmistakably heralded in a bear market and economic recession.

Truth tellers must concede that the OBAMA bull market was coming to an end anyway after 11 years and this administration’s identification with the surge was spurious to begin with.Ultra truth seekers will testify to the inapplicability of the stock market indices to the lives of the hoi polio…

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