The Octogenarians

From Leviticus to Romans the biblical message is clear.The old testament enjoins us to love thy neighbor as thyself, the new testament tells us that it is the blood of Jesus that makes it possible.Buddhist or Moslem.Jew or gentile atheistic common sense tells us that it is the rule of law that we must surrender our need for vindictive triumph to.

Not so for the Merchant of Malice.Escorting Lt.Col Vyndman and his ( nothing to do with it ) twin brother out of the White House under armed guard and the firing of truth tellers is just the beginning.With an arrogance only exceeded by his ignorance,MOM will wreck the economy, disable NATO ,speed climate change and dispute election results that would deny him another term.We need to understand that this POTUS believes that George Washington made the wrong decisioñ and he can be King. His militias are awaiting his call.He…

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