We have a republic if we can keep it.Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin…!

The Octogenarians

…that he functions like a mafia boss,that he understands nothing of loyalty,fidelity and the rule of law.While the republican party scrambles to find those who can be thrown under the bus.(Guliani and co,Pence and everyone else) and MOM’s (POTUS’) attorney general travels the earth trying to discredit the Mueller report,the Trumpeter is brazenly asking China ,Australia ,Great Britain etc. to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.Of course you need an earthquake equivalent to successfully move the goal posts.

The democrats are helping by grandstanding ,engaging in parody and engaging in Utopian speculation.MOM is pretending to be a defender of Medicare while inserting provisions that push its costs beyond the reach of the elderly.Anyone who understands healthcare understands that you cannot repeal Obamacare and substitute Medicare for All with an initial cost of 33 trillion dollars.The Affordable Care Act like social security needs to be secured and modified by bipartisan crafting over…

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