The Octogenarians

On Monday evening 08/12/2019 a wild shootout occurred on the 215 Freeway in Riverside CA..Officer Andre Moye a 34 yr.old 2017 graduate of the CHP academy was killed as he attempted a routine traffic stop.One other officer is in critical condition and another suffered minor injuries.Apparently the dead officer was calling a tow truck to impound the shooters truck when the shooter grabbed the semiautomatic rifle and opened fire..The attempt by police to mask the type of firearm used by the shooter was thwarted by media eager to sensationalize the news in addition to broadcasting news.The shootout missed killing other users of the highway and followed by several hours the honoring of Juan Diaz the 24 year old LAPD officer,shot to death(handgun) on July 27th.. Not to worry,MOM has consulted with the NRA and Moscow MIKe and may have a gun registration deal

For information on survival manuals in theā€¦

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