Cry Havoc! Let loose the dogs of war! Soon the paranilitarys will be upon us armed with surplus military products which make SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLES TRIVIAL.No mental healt ! h cop out needed here! Helter Skelter is a better TRUMP card than foreign war with risk of nuclear escalation.But one never knows the lengths to which MOM akaPOTUS will go in order to hold on to the white House.

The Octogenarians

I very much doubt that anyone was comforted by the latest affectless performance by the President of these United States.Quite possibly because MOM’s main objective is to open racial, ethnic and gender divides as wide as he can.;leaving a clear path for EverTrumpers and believers in white supremacy,female bondage,and disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law, to the White House and to the destruction, for all tim,e of our constitutional democracy..

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