Walmart could not produce a good guy with a gun.It’s time to stop looking and pass meaningful legislation for gun control.

The Octogenarians

Another post adolescent male(21 yra of age ) has killed 19 people in the third mass shooting this week.Again a public gathering place is the site of mayhem.A shopping mall was selected for this installment of doomsday rock. Semiautomatic weapons must be banned and meaningful gun control legislation has to be enacted..40 wounded,19 dead and the numbers may rise.The enemy is no longer the NRA; the enemy is within each of us and in the sordid impulses that brought the komodo lizard into power in order to drain the swamp. The words are being crafted now for MOM to address the nation but no matter how clever the lack of empathy will be apparent.Even if we are spared lizardspeak we will be able to detect lizard presentation

.On the world stage North Korea has fired three more short range missles that MOM(POTUS) dismisses as not worrisome and declares his continuing…

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