Those who come from other countries seem to grasp the enormity of the situation better than the native born.

The Octogenarians

Small Island go back where you really come from…you come Trinidad in a fishing boat,now you’re wearing a swagger coa…Go Back where you really come from.The lyrics of the 50 ish calypso,familiar to those of a certain age ring out differently when the Trumpian version is directed to American citizens of different ancestry from MOM(POTUS) and those he deems worthy..It is even worse because the people whom he is berating are each a duly elected representative of a constituency.

It would appear that the racist tirades are not mere distractions and dog whistles but clarion calls in a Helter- Skelter scenario which has gotten a response from at least one right wing hater;.Virtually a vampire who defied the Garlic Festival of Gilroy California,,cut a wire fence and spewed death from his AK47, killing 3,()(two children) and wounding at least a dozen more..Police responded within 90 seconds of initiation of gunfire…

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