The Octogenarians

Our con man Joker of a President went to his strong suit last week and produced with the help of ABC and George Stephanopoulis an Apprentice supplement of ‘Follow Me Around for 30 hours.’Only the devil and Paul Muni who played a Hellbound mobster with a temporary redemption in the late 30s or early 40s might know what he intended.What resulted was a lying jerk who talked like a mobster and who admitted a willingness to use tarnishing information obtained from a foreign country for political purposes,and who denied that this was a crime and that the FBI had to be informed immediately of the effort without any use of the information.Walked back the next day,only to the satisfaction of Fox News,the straight from the heart talk will live in infamy.
The nonsense with Iran,China,Russia and the world is accelerating.North Korea is threatening rebuilding of missile sites,openly testing medium range…

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