The Octogenarians

The Trump message of ‘Look What they’ve got because they took it from you” identity politics notwithstanding,is being heard theacross the country by injustice collectors irrespective of race,gender,or ethnicity..A forgettable black man,a former national guardsman killed 12 people in Virginia Beach last week using 2 Colt 45s with extended magazines and a silencer.He might have been “the good guy with a gun” in fairy book circumstances, but in this instance was the monster.A few days ago in peaceful Rancho Palos Verdes there was a shooting in Del Amo Mall about eight miles away from me.The shooter is still at large.There were no deaths but police activity on land and in the air is pronounced.

The number and variety of guns in the U.S.A is huge Alexa.tells me 360,000,000 hand guns alone.Carry permits are extremely difficult to obtain in California making the “good guy with a gun” scenario difficult thank all…

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