The Octogenarians

MOM aka Potus has ordered his subordinates not to respond to congress,or the media in short he has transformed “We the People ” into “He the People” or “Him”some may prefer “The Thing”.
His flunkey Barr insulted the Congress and the American people by his insulting press conference and his craven refusal to truthfully disclose the nature of the Mueller protest and ultimately his refusal to appear before the House Judicial committee when he discovered that some of the questioning would come from lawyers utilized by congress.MO M has his ROY COHN. MOM has also been pressing the Federal Reserve Board to lower interest rates solely so that the end of the bull cycle can be protracted until after the 2020 election.
As long as Americans pay more attention to motor cars that they can no longer afford, and are satisfied with lack of health care protection.or settle for cheap…

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