The Octogenarians

There are those who are still waiting for MOM(aka POTUS) to deliver on promises made.They will be waiting a long time.North Korea has become more threatening and has increased its emphasis on mid range missles .Kim Jong Un is now refusing to deal with the U.S. secretary pf state while affirming his love of Trump.Russia is now in the coveted position that Trump and Pompeo sought in the far east muddle.

MOM in the meantime is refusing to cooperate with the House of Representatives and is ordering his subordinates to defy house summonses,requests,subpoenas etc We are thus in a constitutional crisis deliberately brought on by MOM,who is clearly buying time until the 2020 election and counting on his appointees to the Supreme court to cover him.If the appointees have any concern for their place in history, he may be barking up the wrong tree.

MOM is continuing the use of…

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