The Octogenarians

Sarah Douglas was a lady in waiting in the court of Queen Anne in the mid fourteen hundreds and apocryphally is credited with sacrificing her right arm blocking hostile access to James the First of Scotland.Thus saving his life.Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the press secretary for MOM also known as POTUS.and this Barr is the attorney general of he U.S.The disgraceful press conference today, of this lackey was followed by the release of the redacted Mueller report which was thoroughly condemnatory of the Trump administration.A quote from Mueller of the response of our President “this is the end of my Presidency…I’m F…..D” says it all. The man who loved Wickey Leaks in 2016 only to be totally unaware of it now is telling the naive that he has a wonderful health care plan for America but it wont be available until after the 2020 election.Liar, Liar pants on fire! Sarah…

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