The Octogenarians

I have been accused of “going Hollywood” in some of my pronouncements,however the theatrics of the Republican party in defense of MOM and his appointees. is worthy of  bad actor awards.There have been declarations of all that MOM has accomplished in such a short time..The diminution of the world status that the U.S.A.once had is all that I can see.

I have watched Fox News and the discouragement of all but the most rabid POTUS supporters(e.g.Bartiromo),other channels like NBC,CBS,Channels 7,5,9,,MSNBC,CNN read excerpts from LA Times ,N.Y. Times,Washington Post Wall Street Journal,Daily News,USA,N.Y.Post etc..Only the N.Y. Post and Fox news seem relatively immune to crticizing both the domestic and foreign policies or lack thereof, of the Trump administration..The comment of a former federal prosecutor on MSNBC was particularly impressive.I believe his name was Cilo..His charateization of the Mueller report was one of stopping short of convicting the “Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot…

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