The Octogenarians

800,000 out of work,eight hundred dollars a mile ? Eight cents per centimeter ? It really doesn’t matter.The wall is a symbol of  resistance to the browning of America,embracing of America First and immunity to the recognition of the need for global planning and analysis of problems ranging from human trafficking ,global opoid addiction,threat of pan epidemics  etc.Suddenly the threat of invasion by rapists,murderers and flesh eating pickaninnies has become a crisis of conscience worthy of a deal.A three year suspension of deportation for DACA young people in exchange for 234 miles of largely useless MOM’s plan.

The ugly nonsense goes on with increasing risk to the U.S. population through TSA sickouts,loss of food inspection etc.The film VICE reminds us of the danger of misused power and abandonment of moral principle but apparently there is a thin margin of safety when there are still adults somewhere on the horizon…

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