The Octogenarians

As Kavanaugh begins his service as associate Supreme Court Justice and assumes the ridiculous mantle of martyr ,Kanye West carries hi(s MF…ing  rhetoric laced) bipolar illness into a new center tent  exhibition in MOM’s clown circus.The swamp that Trumpism represents has no respect for human suffering,whether it is in the form of hurricane disaster,probable murder of a respected Washington Post jounalist in an embassy,sentencing of more and more of those involved with the 2016 campaign etc.etc.The Republican party now prepares for a blue wave that will probably cost them the House by concentrating their effort on retaining control of the senate and depending on the likes of McConnell and Graham to manipulate the cerebral and visceral lever needed to resist senatorial accountability..

Dividing the nation,projecting destructiveness on political opposition,controlling the supreme court with the addition of  an advocate of imperial presidency indicates a man who will not willingly give up…

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