The Octogenarians

The denuclearization agreement  with North Korea turns out to be nonsense, the agreement with Russia is first undisclosed and then denied,and in the interludes between disclosures of intemperate and base sexual behavior,we are treated to MOM’s tariff and treaty expertise.We are told that his impeachment will cause national economic disaster and bring violence to the streets.In fact a Democratic party surge in the midterm elections will also bring codified violence to the streets.MS 13 will rain havoc in our towns and cities.The DSM 3 terminology “little room to manuever except into psychosis” ominously comes to mind.The wretched treatment of John Mcain’s death was an indicator of the smallness of our POTUS.

MOM cannot engage in complex thought; . his thinking is” go or no go”.His deal making involves only two parties,winner and loser.He cannot understand that destroying our participation  in international agreements  forces us to compete with economic blocs (Trans…

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