The Octogenarians

Disaster List:
Amorosa(Trump’s pathetic”dog”) and her tapes, Brennan and his security clearance withdrawal,the pending pardon of Manafort,the caging of minor children,hastily denied plans for combined military action in Syria with Russian troops,refusal to acknowledge the McCain DLF role,disparagement of previous administrations,reduction of veterans retirement pay and forcing early retirement if self insurance is not agreed to,approving usurious auto insurance for military member auto purchases..the planned destruction of the endangered species act,planned opening up of offshore drilling within the 12 mile limit,opening up of National Parks to resource exploitation.Tariffs and sanctions pushing the deficit beyond 25 trillion dollars Badgering China into increasing tariff retaliation and failing to see the consequences of our biggest creditor calling for repayment.How much American soil do we have to sell? They don”t seem too interested in “Fly Over America”unless more oil appears.

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