The Octogenarians

Denial of congressional responsibility principally by the Republican party continues while reckless use of tariffs,embargoes,and economic sanctions are utilized,threatened and enforced by this Helter Skelter Administration.The anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,&Charlottesville Virginia which could have been  unifying opportunities for an honest,sentient chief executive to reach out to America and the world , was lost in bombast and scandal.A repetition of Fire & Fury type threats, this time against Iran and the commitment to an unnecessary and possibly weakening Space Service just so MOM can indulge childlike omnipotence fantasies.Reaching for the health care dollar via AHPs,endorsing protected species law abolition,lowering environmental laws limiting auto exhaust emission and factory pollution and ignoring the global warming .5 degree margin that we may have as a world before irreversible climate alteration…on and on we go toward destruction following the pied piper of malice and division. Read more about those AHPs.

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