The Octogenarians

MOM promised to gut the ACA(Obamacare).Thus far most enrollees are doing well and enrollments are up.The exceptions according to the LA Times are households earning more than 400% of the Federal GOP adjusted poverty line.(about $48,560 for an individual and $100,400 for a family of four.Shortening open enrollment periods,pushing cheap inadequate health insurance plans condemn ed by the AMA,the ANA,The APHA etc because of the elimination of eligibility for preexisting conditions, the redefining of preexisting conditions so that being treated for an illness makes that condition preexisting for the next episode and on and on.
The Governor of South Carolina eliminated a 21 million $ healthcare package lest any money go to groups promoting abortion.
Health and Human Services Secretary Azar is not familiar with MOM’s “Blueprint” for lowering prescription prices.No surprise inasmuch as negotiating drug prices is permitted only to small regional Medicare outfits.Clearly were Medicare and Medicaid permitted…

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