The Octogenarians

A thoroughly politicized SCOTUS delivered immigration practice into the hands of MOM aka POTUS.It was the reward for a M’Connell sponsored Republican denial of Obama’s appointment right and the latest dividend on the Gosuch appointment,reserved for the possibility of a Republican 2016 victory.(accomplished through Hillary Clinton intransgence,FBI(Comey)interference and Russian manipulation.
I believe that rather than moving the doomsday clock back MOM has moved it up.The matter of verification has not been addressed and Kim Jong Un will never permit the humiliating inspections that the likes of Colson will(not unreasonably) demand The meeting with Putin (MOM solicited) will reveal what else Trump has to give away in his rush to claim greatness and to blackmail justice.( Not his DOJ and not the crippled SCOTUS).
I watched MOM hypocritically embrace Old Glory declaring his love and found myself relieved that the flag was plastic encased and that there was no exudate of…

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