The Octogenarians

Most Psychiatrists are humanists as the following illustrates;

Dear Clergy of XXXX

Many Christians,I amongst them,stand aghast at the kidnapping of children,especially small children,tearing them from mothers’arms to suit some political end.It is illegal,immoral,cruel and blasphemy…”suffer the little children to come unto me”.The profound psychological damage done to these now thousands of innocent children is brain-disruptive,irreparable, and long lasting ;to be reflected in lives torn by horrific nightmares,withdrawal,distrust of others,and often a propensity to rebellion,violence and self-mutilation.For sure,not everyone will succumb to the worst of PTSD symptoms, but for those already at risk,already burdened by gangland trauma in their home country,along with the suffering entailed in fleeing, incarceration and abandonment become the last straw.As the weeks draw on to months, what is to become of them ? How many thousands more will be crowded into warehouses and tents, to be locked up 22 hours a day ? Will they turn…

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