The Octogenarians

In the eight days or so since we posted last,waiting to see how the ship of state would fare in light of MOM’s increasing desperation,we have seen gunfire erupt around the nation at a Trump facility in Florida,a high school in Texas,a suburb near Baltimore,an area in Atlanta,a shooting in Boston etc. etc.We have seen Ollie North elevated to the presidency of the NRA amid increasing evidence that the 10 to 17 million dollar elevation of money contributed to the Trump campaign contrasted to the money contributed to the past Republican campaigns may have come from Russian sources.Gun control legislation is still bitterly opposed by most of the A rated (NRA) in the two parties.Children”s deaths apparently don’t matter.

Trump’s attempts to turn violations of law and abuse of office into party issues seem to be gaining valence as the faithful either because they prefer to hate rather than think…

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