The Octogenarians

My prediction that the next several months would be critical in terms of the damage that MOM would inflict on the country and the world was way off.That same day with porcine swagger MOM(POTUS) pulled us out of the Iran accord.Only Netanyahu( under indictment by Israeli law) was overjoyed,Russia,China and Turkey already have envoys en route to Teheran to profit from this egregious,arrogant,blunder.It will take a little time for the U.S. to put together a functioning sanctions office and team but once functioning the sanctions will hurt our allies who remain in the pact and who continue to honor their word as much as Iran will.Should Iran pull out of the pact,it can immediately send home the nuclear inspectors and resume purification of uranium and employment of Plutonium in pursuit of the BOMB.Action only stoppable by WAR !
I believe that the precipitous action was not only in fulfillment of…

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