The Octogenarians

The last week saw a profusion of drab events take place.They involved power relationships between MOM(POTUS) and variations of the world’s oldest profession as well a his relationship(and his followers’) to law) , medicine and the clergy.
Most recent and most remote from MOM was the attempted firing of Patrick Conroy ,catholic chaplain of the house by Paul Ryan ,speaker of the house,for no better reason than the priest’s invocation asking that the welfare of the poor be given primacy in healthcare legislation.The priest rescinded his resignation and Ryan( a poor emulator of MOM) caved in and withdrew his demand.

MOM has been accused of strong arming his former personal physician Bornstein,forcibly removing his files and having prior, dictated his own report to the public while a candidate.In the meantime his Walter Reed assigned pesonal physician has come an apparently deserved cropper as his candidate as VA administrator.
Personal and…

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