The Octogenarians

The Trumpeter has two major personal flaws( outside of broadcasting sexual practices).The first is habitual binary thought( go/no go) and the second is habitual lying.Applying these to the latest school mass shooting we watch him first embrace gun control including weapon seizure without judicial approval( a clear 2nd amendment violation)and then backtracking to almost total support of NRA posture.The tariff pronouncement is a good example of the inadequacy of binary thought.Aside from pulling percentages from thin air for steel and aluminum import taxation,it never occurred to MOM that you cannot go after a nation in an economic trading bloc individually,you must take on the bloc.e.g.the European union and/ or the Trans Pacific Union should you go after Sweden in the first instance,or
China in the second.This action ensures a trade war which an individual nation must surely lose.None of this is particularly hard to understand but MOM as POTUS swaggers…

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