The Octogenarians

A pretty,loyal 29 year old drawn to father figures perceived to be in unhappy marriages and made available by the ultimate such father figure acting as procurer, is berated and shamed into resignation.The MOM (POTUS) seeks credibility,momentarily abandoning the NRA,his “kids”,Gen. McMasters,Gen.Kelly,the second amendment and due process.With germophobia increasing and reverting to campaign mode,including appointment of a campaign head for 2020. “little room to maneuver except into psychosis”…the ominous DSM description of borderline personality,echoed by Flight Surgeons manual.Ominously contradictory statements fly from( MOM),”kids need to go home for their own protection”,”I can’t function without the family”.The Mueller noose is tightening and soon his Mano a Mano machismo will replace defective reality and precipitate the constitutional crisis of serial Justice Dept.firings in order to stop Prosecutor Mueller.
We have a sour Bacchanalian kleptocracy using women( some willing to be used) as currency.This being a hallmark of the great leader MOM and…

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