The Octogenarians

The Octogenarians wish you all a felicitous 2018 and invite you to comment and to have your comment elevated to a post.This invitation was given last year to women contributors only but this year we’re gender blind.( smile).
Several weeks ago a woman named Miranda Davis wrote an invited editorial to the L.A.Times as a metastatic cancer survivor who was several years beyond her survival time and who indeed had outlived not only her six month prognosis but the physician who made it.She commented that she found the Trumpian distortion of democratic norms,the introduced divisiveness,the racism.sexism and loss of world,moral and diplomatic status deplorable and resolved to continue to live until Trumpism was ejected from the White House and the threat of Nuclear Havoc was eliminated! Most of ( not all ) of the Octogenarians salute you Miranda and join your pact dedicated to restoration of Democracy.

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