The Octogenarians

A well executed Alabama strategy by Doug Jones with a 30% turnout by black voters despite the supreme court crippling of the voting rights act with the help of educated white surburbanites,particularly women, brought down an accused pedophile’s senatorial aspirations.But lest the rejoicing becomes boisterous,consider that the Bannon hate machine is apt to accelerate its attack on government as a benefactor of the needy and unfit.
The haters,neo nazis,white supremacists etc will probably attack some poor black or Muslim people out of chagrin and rage.Trump the great divider will no doubt up the ante on his toxic pronouncements.His senseless,inflammatory endorsement of a Zionist Jerusalem and his promise to move the U.S. embassy there has reignited the middle east.Days of rage and violence seem unavoidable.
Sexual degradation and exploitation of women( and some men)is a hot item and one has to wonder if an evolutionarily directed impulse can be deterred by…

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