The Octogenarians

It is now beginning to appear to the discerning that there is a relationship between the murderous event in Mesquite Nevada and the thunderous “Fire and Fury”pronouncement of  POTUS a few weeks ago.  Stephen Paddock,described by his brother as a narcissist,successful,wealthy,an investor and a gambler with a girl friend set up tidily by his wealth,rained fire and fury on concertgoers at a Country and Western fete.A few weeks before Donald J.Trump,narcissist,wealthy,gambler with other peoples money,with a long history of wives,girl friends and investments without records, threatened the world with his fire and fury threat to nuke North Korea. In the recognition of the impossibility of revisiting the past and gaining value from rejecting or externally valuing parents the narcissist becomes enraged and feeds his slipping vanity with a prodigious destructive fantasy which he may enact. Whether he survives it or not may be irrelevant.

I suggest that Paddock was mirroring…

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