The Octogenarians

The disgraceful act under consideration by the Republican senators(the Democrats cannot propose any legislation) has never been openly promulgated,has no CBO analysis,eliminates medicaid,takes money from states that complied with law and hands it to states that did not,ultimately makes preexisting conditions uninsurable,provides for the destruction of medicare,is opposed by almost all the health care associations from AMA,RNA,APA,APHA,…on and on,
almost all of the health care ADMINISTRATORS,{CIGNA,UNITED HEALTH,HUMANA…on and on, almost all of the universities associated with medical education and research,Yale,Columbia,Harvard,Princeton,Stanford,UCLA,Rutgers,Northeastern,U.of Cincinatti,on and on.
The basic reason is that this proposed legislation has nothing to do with health but is a transparent way of using the health care budget(1/5 of the national budget) to effect tax reform in favor of a promised,wealthy few.

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