The Octogenarians

There is consternation and confusion about the behavior of POTUS.A group of psychiatric and psychological associations has requested Yale’s president to assist with evaluation of Trump’s psychological fitness to lead.This request has been sent to the chairman of Yale psychiatry and has been assigned to a psychosocial expert.
I am sure that all of the caveats involving long distance diagnosis will be followed leaving the behavior of Potus alone to be contextually anslyzed.Here are some thoughts that may be relevant.Many have attested to POTUS’sincerity kindness and interest,despite a history of lying,cheating and suing.Obama left his meeting with Trump feeling his interest and willingness to learn.This may have been present momentarily but did not and could not last being overpowered by narcissism.I invoke a psychological mechanism called mirroring which has been employed by therapists but which probably has been in existence since the dawn of homo sapiens.Evolutionarily it provides a basis…

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