Game of Thrones ?

The Octogenarians

As some of us feared “The Most Powerful Man on Earth” having played with the powers of hell by needlessly exploding a huge bomb in Afghanistan is now toying with joining the Olympians(Rushmore is not enough) by threatening nuclear war.It is perhaps fitting that this is the anniversary week of the killing of 210,000 Japanese by Enola Gray and Boxcar leveling Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the same week over 70 years ago.Samuel Johnson said that the last refuge of a scoundrel is Patriotism.So that it is no surprise that as the FBI investigation follows the money and closes in, POTUS invokes an international war situation and a domestic riot(helter skelter) scenario; both requiring reflexive resort to force.How do you want extinction fast or slow? The paranoid post adolescent ruler of North Korea is acting in sync with his cultural(recent) heritage.The President of the U.S.A. is not.

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