The Octogenarians

A few days ago Lisa Murkowski,Susan Collins and John McCain demurred from the soulless travesty of Republican “repeal and replace” posturing and helped Democrats sink McConnell’s”skinny repeal”.The path forward is clearly bipartisan and to fix the ACA.I doubt that Republicans will be content with that unless Republican Governors join with Democratic governors in insisting that the health needs of the States are met.We can’t forget about Presidential leadership. In this scenario it is to feed red meat to an inchoate and non comprehending base and to break the law by refusing mandated subsidies to participating insurance companies and thus undermine the law.
To expect Gen.Kelly to establish order in the menagerie is too much. Da Mooch rages and blasphemes and he isn’t an employee yet.Priebus and his sycophancy is gone so too is Spicer.Bannon will sulk, skulk and survive.Viable threats are arising internationally and Russia is finally retaliating tit for…

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