The Octogenarians

We have been flooded with news,fake news,conspiracy theories and a general rise in antagonistic behavior between citizens of the U.S.We are told that GSO estimates of the cost in dollars and loss of protection for Americans is wrong,promises to repeal and replace Obama care are now replaced by ” let’s repeal and take a year or so to replace”.Walter Shaub the head of the Congressional Ethics Office is resigning early in protest over the Trump administration’s, conduct.Almost all of Trump’s inner circle and many members of m “periphery” are seeking protective counsel.( including the V.P) The attacks on the media are incessant and mean spirited with foreign press given precedence over our fourth estate.
New salacious statemelnts corroborating MI 6 agent Hill this time by an operative named Chandler have surfaced according to a wall street journal independent contributor.Even if true there is little relevance to the current probe into…

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