The Octogenarians

The repeal and replacement of AHCA (Obamacare)appears to be tied to budgetary reform insofar as money recovered therefrom may be needed to fund various measures.A five billion dollar addition ( for how long?) to cover those with pre-existing conditions for ACA( Trumpcare)is spit in the ocean.Risk sharing is the key to health care; the creation of a high risk pool that can be opted out of by individual states or by failure of USPHS to respond to a states’ objection ensures non compliance.
Russian interference in the election pales into insignificance besides the probability of outright bribery and collusion with key figures in the Trump campaign.The key person here is Mike Flynn whose hamfisted greed had to be known of by Trump,Pence and all others who had to approve of him as National Security Chief.The fiscal cornucopia afforded by Putin and his Kleptocracy not only bailed out Trump 8 to…

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